The snuggie company should make a commerical/music video for a song called "Teach Me How to Snuggie", amirite?

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You didn't notice that it said "commerical" instead of "commercial" until you read this, amirite?

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well there is already a book on different sex positions using a snuggie so you never know...

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o well our brains are programmed to read by word not by letter so it is rather hard to thats why we can raed wrods lkie this since the frist and lsat letters are in the correct positions

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but what is sorta ironic is that the persons name is StopGRAMMARTIME

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@MrsxBillxKaulitz It was a spelling error, not a grammar error.

eh they fit loosely togethor such as under proper english

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"teach me how to snuggie teach me teach me how to snuggie,everybody snuggie ,every everybody snuggie"
hahahhhahahahha halarious

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this made me laugh out loud(:

Theres a video on YouTube with a guy doing teach me how to snuggie with my lsu snuggie.

you should check out "Teach me how to Bucky". it's GREAT

snuggie actually had a contest to make the new snuggie commercial, and someone entered it with 'teach you how to snuggie.' go to the officialsnuggie youtube channel to see it!

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All the jammies love me, all the-all the jammies love me

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