Stop bitching about school uniforms – why do you need to rely on clothes to “be an individual” or “express yourself”? Amirite?

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Dude clothes actually say a lot about the kind of person you are man

@eldorito Can't tell if sarcasm or stupid.

Not stupid. Some people express themselves through writing, drawing, or singing. Some use fashion -- you know, the clothes they wear. It's just part of human nature.

I don't even want to think about how slutty the girls at my school would dress if we didn't have uniforms. :P

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Uniforms suck for reasons other than that.

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I used to go to a private school with uniforms. When I switched to public, it was awful. Mine were really cute, too. And, being a ninth grader at the time, every morning was teeming with anxiety about what to wear.

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Expression isn't a good enough reason to hate uniforms. But everyone I know who has to wear them says they're really uncomfortable (and therefore more distracting than street clothes) and way more expensive than normal clothes.

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@Expression isn't a good enough reason to hate uniforms. But everyone I know who has to wear them says they're...

They are way more expensive. A simple polowhich you have to buy from the same outfitterscost $20 when I could find the same style at Walmart for $5. The quality isn't different.

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They need to be able to wear regular clothes so they can figure out what clothes they like. Also they need it so they can get wearing crazy clothes out of their system before they're an adult.

It's more of a comfort thing. And they don't fit everyone. I always had problems with my pants making my legs look bigger than they were.

But if we had skool uniforms, I wouldn't be able to wear my bright blue Invader Zim t-shirt!

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@Serg did you really just spell school like that?

That's the way school is spelled at the achool in Invader Zim.

@Serg did you really just spell school like that?

Why, yes. Yes I did. And I know I spelled it like that. And I know why.*

*See third comment down and don't criticize my habits

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Uniforms are, for the most part, unflattering as hell. Plaid skirts/blue slacks, white polos (tucked in, natch), or on Thursdays (chapel), white dress shirts, sweaters/sweater vests, plaid skirts, dress shoes, black or white socks.

I just hated uniforms because we had to wear a shirt underneath this weird sleeveless dress thing and it was hot as hell. But I think civi's tend to create labels for different people. Uniform you end up being friends with anyone.

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School uniforms are a terrible idea.

I like having a uniform. You don't have to worry about what you're wearing because everyone else is wearing the same thing.

My new uniform is completely hideous though.

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I strongly support the idea of school uniforms. The rate of bullying would decrease, as would sexual offense (uniforms are much more conservative and less revealing then what girls generally wear in this day and age), and everyone would be more focused on their school work rather then their sense of fashion. But really, they are all so ugly and unflattering. We should have to wear banana constumes. I mean how fucking funny would it be to sit in a fucking room full of giant bananas all day long.

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Inb4 big fight
I already participated in aruging about the stupid new Bill S. 978, I have no energy to fight about this.

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