It would be awesome if the next Disney princess with a movie were a lesbian, amirite?

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Or if they had 2 princes. :P

Rainbow35s avatar Rainbow35 Yeah You Are +20Reply
@Rainbow35 Or if they had 2 princes. :P

then they have 2 decide who saves who :P

Shaqtuss avatar Shaqtus Yeah You Are +5Reply
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Fuck yaoi. Most gay relationships aren't like that.

AdonisBatheuss avatar AdonisBatheus Yeah You Are -2Reply
@Rainbow35 Or if they had 2 princes. :P

NO! you are NOT bringing yaoi into the disturbing minds of the disney fandom!

Disney's done making princess movies for a while.

I can see it now... Beauty missing something with Beast leaves him and now... Beauty and the Bull dyke, where Beauty must tame the heart of her flannel and combat boot wearing love, all while dealing with the scorn of the towns people who try to prove that their love is a sin against god and decaying the moral fiber of the town... With Rosie O' Donnel as the voice of the Bull dyke. Coming to a theater Christmas 2999...

Deepzenpills avatar Deepzenpill Yeah You Are +16Reply

Well, it has to become legal for them to marry first. When that happens (hopefully sooner rather than later) it will be more accepted and can end with a wedding, like most Disney movies.

Anonymous +13Reply

I guess we're really leaving old fairytales for this one.

Why does sexual orientation of a princess matter to 4 year olds?

Phils avatar Phil No Way -4Reply

I think that would make a good porno....

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