People should try and live together before getting married, because you may or may not work out being together all the time, amirite?

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Actually, statistically the divorce rate is higher in couples who lived together prior to marriage as opposed to those who didn't.

@DanielJames Correlation doesn't prove causation.

Actually, there is some kind of causation, depending on the couple. You live together before you get married to see if it works out, giving you the frame of mind that if you don't like the situation you can easily leave. Which is the point. But the same frame of mind tends to be carried into the marriage, thus making the husband/wife hold less importance in the marriage. I dont' remember the exact numbers but it was in a psychology text book.

Or you know, you could just work through such trivial things like where the toilet seat is left and such instead of letting them break a marriage... Just a thought.

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Asian family = cannot live together before marriage or you shall be disowned :/ that's the way my family and every other Asian family I know believes anyway.

You mean there are people who don't?

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@891151 (Sqwancho): Also, because people who live together and aren't married think nothing will change if they get married, which is very untrue. People who don't live together know everything is going to be different, so they prepare more for it.

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