Instead of putting extra taxes on fast food/junk food to combat obesity, the government should reduce the tax on healthy food, amirite?

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I think they should do both, raise taxes on junk food and lower taxes on healthy food

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Exactly. Healthy food is so much more expensive than junk food. It's much cheaper for my mom to go buy some junk food in bulk, that'll last a long time. :P

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Which will never happen because one way, the government makes money, the other way, it loses it. Guess which path the government will choose 10 times out of 10?

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I though there weren't any taxes on healthy food in the first place.

Might just be my area, though.

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There' no tax on food where I live except for fast food.

No tax on grocery food where I live, unless it's chips and not vegetable or meats.

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They only tax what's consider luxury items here

Ah, I live in Australia, where there is Goods and Services Tax on nearly every food.

And, depends on where you shop, but usually the ingredients for a small healthy meal (small serve of meat, and salad) for four people would be way more expensive than say, four McDonalds cheeseburger meals.

And MrRight, your post (and username) is correct, it's less to do with public health, and more to do with both money, and giving the appearance they're doing something about it.

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I live in DE where there's no sales tax on anything.

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In thought there wasn't any taxes on healthy food...

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