It's frustrating how most letters in the word "aisle" are silent, amirite?

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I wouldn't say it was frustrating...

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Not quite that frustrating...try reading something in French, there are silent letters all over the place there.

2/5 is not most :P

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@2/5 is not most :P

The e is kind of silent.

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@Rocky The e is kind of silent.

the e in ile is silent? really? then cate and cat must sound exactly the same

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lol. silent is complete absence of sound, you cannot be just KIND OF broke or a glass KIND OF empty; it either is or it isn't.

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hearing sound and pronunciation sound? rat and rate sound completely different because of the same exact e rule/sound as in "ile", that's all.

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I hate how the city Marseilles is pronounced "Mah-say".

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More interesting than frustrating haha

Well.. The e is almost always silent when it's at the end.
It's just the s that is a little annoying..

1 Letter is most?

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@1 Letter is most?

Ile?@689230 (Anonymous): Aisle- A is silent, S is silent, and E is sorta silent. It's not pronounced but it alters the pronunciation of the other 2 letters.

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