You feel really sad when your step Grandma treats her 'real' Grandchildren so much better than how she treats you. amirite?

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Why do so many people have step-grandparents on here?

Is a step-grandparent your mother's step-parent, or is it your step-mother's parent?

@ThisBlackChick Is a step-grandparent your mother's step-parent, or is it your step-mother's parent?

I took it as step-mother's parent. Makes sense if you have step siblings (the "real" grandchildren...)

My step grandma doesn't have any real grandchildren so she is the sweetest woman to us :) Except my grandma get seriously jealous if we call her grandma. "That's not your grandma". no need to be spiteful...

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I don't like my grandma on my father's side. My father called her sociopath, and my mother called her a rude person. She didn't do anything for me. Like you, I don't give a single fuck about her.

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Meep. My step grandfather doesn't even know my name. And it's not as though we've never met... see him every Christmas and on his 'real' grandchildren's birthdays. A+.

My step-grandma treats me like her own :)
She's my favorite grandparent, even. o:

Story of my life...

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"real grandchildren"? I don't think I understand.

I think my step grandmother treats us the same as her real grandchildren (at least in front of me), but she does clearly like my sister better than me.

I feel sad when my grandma treats my cousins better than she treats me.

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Exact opposite for me.. But she picked me up from school and had to do stuff for me because my mom works all the time and I don't have a dad or any siblings

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