You can't think of even ONE adjective that can't be used in a sexual reference at all, amirite?

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@Muggles4life Nonsexual

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Oh wait.

i didnt even finish reading the post before i clicked on the comments

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is it bad that the first word that came to mind when I read this post was inexpensive?

@DestroyMySweater Serious

We are going to do some serious fucking tonight.

White. Oh right...

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@jordanhefner Archaic.

Old people getting it on.

Oh, oh my...

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@mich_ Green

I'm sure if there's a blue waffle then there's a green one out there somewhere, too.

Humid.... Or uh, shiny ?


@Glen_Coco4 Mouldy.

"holy shit what's that green stuff on your vagina!?"
troll smilie


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@sb123 grumpy

Sex was grumpy- rough and wild. ;)

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Nah. Icy sex is possible. Fire and ice technique?

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I'm pretty sure Jesus Christ saying you have an adorable vagina just made my day.

The vote is now at 69, no one chamge it!

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Hard! Hard? Hard?! You don't see how it can be sexual????

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