I think the reason why Google added that Incognito Tab to its browser, and who will use it, is obvious. amirite?

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but of course. it's so when i look up pictures of cats in hats i won't have to be embarrassed about someone seeing the history and finding out i'm truly obsessed with little furry felines who fill out a fedora quite nicely.

That spy man has seen things he'll never be able to unsee.

Well, Google said it was for people who want to plan a surprise, so it's for that purpose, right? I mean, I can't think of any other reason.

I use it when I'm grounded from facebook

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It sure makes my job easier!


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You know Mozilla Firefox has In Private browsing too

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I was wondering about that... I got to it somehow and didn't have any idea what it was or how I got it.
It'd be good for when I'm up later than my parents want me... This way it doesn't come up in the history that I was up at like 2:30 AM watching music videos. Mwahahahaha.

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