Katy Perry is a little old to be singing " 'teenage' dream", amirite?

77%Yeah You Are23%No Way
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"you make me FEEL like i'm living a teenage dream"

facepalm, anyone?

@shelbybuckffs facepalm, anyone?

I think sportscenter needs a double helping of that

solongs avatar solong No Way +2Reply

She's hot. Its okay.

Dumb OP is dumb.

Were you born that stupid, or have you been hit in the head repeatedly?

someone doesnt understand the song...

She FEELS like she's in a teenage dream, not to mention it's just a metaphor for regretfree sex with someone you love.

Taters avatar Tater No Way +3Reply

How does this possibly have more 'yeah you are's than 'no way's?? Should be one of the all time fails

Anonymous +2Reply

Once again, she FEELS like she's living a teenage dream. The guy swept her off her feet, and treated her in exactly the way she wanted a guy to in her teens.

Well, obviously you haven't heard the song before...

Anonymous +1Reply

Hence the 'dream' part.

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