Peace would exist if human beings didn't. Amirite?

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Depends how you classify "peace." The animal kingdom isn't that peaceful. Maybe you will argue that it's "natural." In which case I can argue that humans are naturally violent. Nature isn't all that peaceful either. Sorry bub.

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Yeah, the wildlife is I so peaceful. gets mauled by angry lion

Yes. All of the fights between animals that happened even before humans existed? TOTALLY ended. They would all rejoice and sing "Kumbayah" around a campfire.

But who would be there to enjoy the peace? If we just got rid of sinister human desires the world actually would be peaceful.

If there weren't any humans, there wouldn't be a need for peace.

Chimpanzees actually fight full fledged wars.

@MobyRichard Chimpanzees actually fight full fledged wars.

Soon, the chimps will establish a large civilization known as "Chowada," meaning in their language "Chimpanzee Supremacy." After establishing the first known chimp civilization, they will begin to work with bronze weapons and eventually work their way up to iron, then steel, etc.

Once they reach the ability to use steel weapons and tools, they will be able to wage wars amongst the humans. They will most likely be shot down and set back now that their numbers have suffered great losses. However, they have managed to kill few humans. The shaman of Chowada will study the humans' weapons (guns and ammunitions) and learn to replicate it. After that, they will use the new weapons they have created and fight against the humans. This would be their first human vs. chimp victory.

As time passes on, the chimps will come to supremacy living parallel to humans. They will create a currency and their civilizations will grow.

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To not promote peace is to allow the world to descend into chaos. As sentient beings, we should at least use the little knowledge we have acquired to promote peace, even if it is impossible. Just a thought. (:

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promoting peace is like trying to get perfect on a hard test, you may never get it but you still need to try.

Nope, some other animal would evolve to wreak havoc over the earth.

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animals eat each other all the time!!!!

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