China's over populated, Africa is starving.....anyone else see what im getting at? amirite?

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Solution to the starving Africans = Build KFCs in Africa.

@Clay_ Solution to the starving Africans = Build KFCs in Africa. Duh.

There are KFCs in Africa. I would know. I live in Africa.

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@Clay_ Cool story, bro.

There are KFCs in Africa. In South Africa that is. But I'm sure you meant to build KFCs where the starving people are, like in the poor parts of SA, and the rest of Africa. Although the starving people won't be able to afford any of it, so maybe they should give it out for free.

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no we should feed fat people to africa. so america.

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Well lets be realistic. You can eat a lot of Chinese, they are small people, but we all know Africa will be hungry an hour later.

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"That is called cannibalism my dear children, and it is in fact frowned upon in most societies." Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

I like how you think =P

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you, hannibal lector, you..

(eaglefan607). Soooo true!

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You guys are scary~! I'd hand out candy if I could.

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Chineseee foooddd

KFC nor candy will help. It would actually kill.

They can go out for some Chinese!

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this is mean and not funny

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we'll all compromise and meet in the middle, all the Africans in the seriously under developed areas of Africa should get handed free KFChinese people and we'll leave it at this :)

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Chinese food! I'll have takeout, please.

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We should feed Chinese babies to the fat people to fatten them up more, then feed the starving Africans so they will be eating fattened fat people!

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@good to know asswipe

hoooooo it's funny because he DOESN'T think it's good to know hooooo

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