I am in an open relationship because my bf wants that and I don't want to stop seeing him, but it kills me every time he sleeps with someone else. I am an idiot for not having the strength to leave, amirite?

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You need to have sex with his dad to get back at him

He sleeps with other people? That's a shame. You deserve better.

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You need to leave him before it gets even harder. It's for your own safety, both emotionally and physically. When he's with these other girls, is he using protection? Is he with you? You don't have to answer these on a forum obviously, but it's something to seriously consider. If he wants to sleep around, then he isn't really with you. And where's the future in that relationship? Go find someone who will love you as much as you love him!

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You're not an idiot for this. I'm sure there are plenty of other things that make you an idiot :) But seriously, you do need to do something. If you stay here, you only fall harder and make yourself feel worse.

But you are the bravest person in the world to admit it online, where the wild things live.

GAH I can't understand these kinds of situations! How can you stand being with him?! How can anyone stand being with someone who constantly hurts them?! How can you "love" someone like that? Do yourself a favor and have the courage to stand up and leave him. NO ONE deserves to have to be tortured by someone like that. I guarantee you that you can and will eventually find someone far better than him. I'm fortunate enough to know a lot of guys in my life that are extremely sweet and would never dream of hurting a girl in that way, so I KNOW SWEET, KIND, CONSIDERATE GUYS DO EXIST! I promise they're not extinct. You just have to be willing to open your eyes and your heart to someone else.

Just kick his ass to the curb. Its sickening how assholes get all the girls when there are nice guys out there that will treat a girl right like she's supposed to be treated. Sucks how nice guys always finish last. Girls really need to clean up their act

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Do it back. If you're his gf, there's.got to be a reason why you are different. Cross the line. Mess him up. He'll realize what it feels like. But you seem like a nice girl so i doubt you'll do it. So, pluck up the courage to say fuck you and punch him. Catch it on tape and let us watch the video.

Damn.... what a dick. I hope you know he's pretty much using you as sex for when he doesn't have sex. You should cut this soon, I'm sure you can find someone who respects you.

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Well, im not gonna comment on what you should or shouldnt do, because thats all up to you in the end, and these posts online arent going to change your views on your relationship if you havent left already, all im commenting to say is that i come on this site to just sit back and enjoy it, im basically a therapist to a bunch of other girls all day and school and outside of it, so please lets keep amirite clean of this relationship advice stuff...?

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