The French are rioting over France upping the retirement age 2 years to 62. It's 66 here in the US, they should quit their bitching, amirite?

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If you cry when you break your arm, you should quit your bitching because some people have broken both arms, amirite?

Just because something bad happens to you but some people have it worse, doesn't mean you can't be upset/angry.

So just because it's a worst situation somewhere else means they should just let it get that bad quietly? I mean, I know 2 years isn't that big of a leap, but it's still something they obviously disagree with and they're not taking it laying down.

67 in Canada

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I thought they were raising it to 70.

Edit: I just googled it, you're right. I must have misheard the news.

Why this post, why now? It's not my best work. lol. Not even close. And it's over a year old. lol

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it is? my granddad retired when he was 50 something.. and my gma retired when she was like 64

You can't apply standards from here to there and vice versa. We live in different places in different situations with different ways of life.

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