Every good boy deserves fudge, amirite?

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Every good boy does fine.

"Even George Bush drives fast"

Kid in the back: "I hope he crashes!"

FlyingGuineaPigs avatar FlyingGuineaPig Yeah You Are +15Reply

Good Basses Date Fine Altos.

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Every good boy deserves fruit.

Elvis' Guitar Broke Down on Friday

Ah, the things we learned in music class.

Anonymous +4Reply

Fat Cats Go Down Alleys Eating Birds

Anonymous +4Reply

Fat Cows Go Down Alleys Eating Bagels.

Gummy Bears Die From Acid.

Every Good Boy Deserves Fun

Anonymous +2Reply

Band class <3

TheMidgets avatar TheMidget Yeah You Are +2Reply

Bass clef: Good Boys Deserve Fudge Always
Order of sharps: Father Charles Goes Down And Ends Battle
Order of flats: Battle Ends And Down Goes Charles Father

julieLs avatar julieL Yeah You Are +1Reply
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All cows eat grass.

good boys don't fart a lot

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Don't forget:

Grandpas Bring Doughnuts For All
All Chemicals Eat Germs

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Fried Chicken Goes Down Awful Easy Brother.
That's what my orchestra teacher taught us how to remember the sharps. The flats were Boys Eat Apple Dumpling Girls Consume Flowers.

D_Moneys avatar D_Money Yeah You Are 0Reply

Every Girl Brings Drama Fast

Every girls barbie does flips

TheycallmeStans avatar TheycallmeStan Yeah You Are 0Reply

Every good burger deserves fries

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what was this from? i forgot, but it seems familiar..

Anonymous -1Reply

what if, the good boys were allergic to fudge?

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