Shirts- only wear once. Pants- once, but sometimes twice. Sweaters- until you remember to put it in the washer again, amirite?

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you can def get more than one wear out of pants. I think it should be like 3-5

Aaah, 'pants' as in 'trousers'.. You see, pants are knickers where I'm from and I thought it was pretty disgusting for you to wear them twice.. But yeah, jeans you wear at least 3 times before putting them in the wash.. At least.

My sister wears the same pair of pants for a week, on Sunday she cleans them, then she wears them until next Sunday.

Such a waste of her other pants. sigh

Yet she only wears a shirt once.

Yeah I was about to say jeans can get a lot of wears out of them... If they get a little wrinkly, iron them

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My boyfriend only wears a piece of clothing once before he thinks it needs to be washed. Even jeans and sweaters. It's rather annoying because I'm the one who usually does all the laundry.

I have to wear the same shirt for 5 days with my uniform but that's because I only have one. However I do agree with that, but pants could probably get another use out of them.

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