It seems so ironic when adverts for helping polar bears and the like come on telly. Its like 'stop wasting money filming them floating in the middle of the sea, and help them!', amirite?

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YYA because you called it the telly.

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They have to do that in order to get donations and get awareness for their cause

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lol you said telly...

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Learn what the fuck irony is.

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@Learn what the fuck irony is.

Um, that is irony. They are filming them usually to ask for donations to help the animals yet they are probably spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to show that footage.

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The commercial serves the purpose of raising awareness and collecting donations, which does more than just what they could do themselves

How exactly would you use ad money to stop global warming? Your only two choices are buying slots on tv to encourage people to contribute, or developing a magic earth-cooling ray gun.

heh heh...


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British OP? :D

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Do you think tv crews carry around icebergs with them that they can just conveniently dump near where polar bears are stranded or something? Or that they have nets to scoop the bears up with? Because I don't see how else you could expect them to save the bears instantaneously. The only way to stop global warming is by raising awareness and educating people, and one of the best ways to accomplish that is via advertising.

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