Girls get called sluts, and guys get called players and people think it's a double Standard. But a guy has to work to get laid, if he says to a girl "Wanna do it?" he gets a slap. If a girl says it, she can see the blood rush from his brain to his penis. Its not a double standard. It's just harder for a guy then a girl. Amirite?

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learn to spell.

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@learn to spell.

Learn how to spell*

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Spelling is for wizards. You sir are no wizard, and that's the way life is little pal. Men just have this object blocking their brain path known as the penis.

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Indeed. I wouldn't say it's hard to get laid in this kind of society, because that's all anyone thinks about anymore. Sex. Drugs. And apparently wearing your pants to look like a penguin. ._.

yeeaaa but that only works if the girl's considered hot. being quite average myself, i think the ratio of guy and girl getting laid is pretty much the same, if u count in all the average and ugly girls, and boys.

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Guys are called players because they're having sex for pleasure, and therefore are achieving what they want when they're getting the girl to have sex with them. Girls are sluts because they're getting laid by giving themselves out easily, letting themselves be easily taken. They're not doing the work to sleep with the person they want unlike the guy. And they don't have sex for their own pleasure, they do it for the other person's pleasure.

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