Facebook should add "still banging ex" as a relationship status. amirite?

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What the fuck?? You told me you were committed to our relationship!

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No they shouldn't, because that's stupid.

Maybe an "open for business" option...?

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I'm just thinking of a That 70s Show episode. Bob thought Donna would be a whore because she was on the pill. He thought she was "open for business"

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AGREED. At least in T70sS, they had flaws. In iCarly, Carly is practically an angel [fuuu I hate characters like that]

They do, it's the "It's Complicated" option.

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@ElectricPresident TFLN? Yes...

Not sure what that is exactly

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@Gavin Not sure what that is exactly

It's a website. TextsFromLastNight. I guess they think you copied from it. :P

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