Even though it's wrong, you're in love with Stacy's mom, amirite?

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Well, she's got it going on...

UGH guys! this is so gross. I hate my life.

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My friend is planning on naming her first daughter Stacey just cuz of the song. Pretty conceited, I think.

You found out my secret obsession.

It might be wrong.

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Ehh, I agreed, but I think it could be worded a little better.

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So uh. I totally went over to another site and someone had just posted 'Haha, Stacey's mom' as their status and I'm really creeped out now.

Sadly, no. I am not in love with Stacy's mom. The reason being that my dad's-yes, my DAD's- name is Stacy. Yes, I know he has a girl's name. I never heard the end of it when this song first came out. Please don't inform me again. XP Anywho, that would mean I'd be in love with my grandma. And that is wrong and just not happening.

So now you know. :D

But that's my mommy....

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