You don't drink the liquid after finishing the fruit cup, amirite?

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My friend begs me for it so I give it to her. :P

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I drink it if it's packed in juice, but not if it's in syrup; that's too sweet and kinda gross.

Prefer regular fruit but yeah i drink it.

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I feel like it defeats the point of eating fruit in the first place.

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I drink it first. It's so much easier that way, because then the juice doesn't spill everywhere.

It's the reward. It's like, "good job on eating your fruit, here's a glass of syrup for your troubles." It is wonderful.

Why would you? It's disgusting.

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To not finish the liquid from the cup after finishing it, I'd have to finish it first.


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I drink it after I finish it.

Hmmm. That sounds kind of perverted. Oh well. XP

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