You DO need money to be happy. No, you cannot be happy when you can't afford the bare necessities and freeze in the winter because your heat was cut off, while all your friends are going out shopping and having fun, amirite?

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And then they come back with "Well money can't buy love." While somewhat true, having the love of my life suffering with me as we sit in the cold of winter wouldn't make me feel better. I'd feel even worse knowing they're suffering also.

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Most people who say you don't need money to be happy are comfortably middle to upper-middle class. It's definitely an eye-roller, coming from a working-class background. Yes, motherfucker, I do need money to be happy. Or else I would be homeless right now. And yeah, I would be A LOT happier if we had more money. It means less stress and less worrying about EVERYTHING. I always find that people who say that are unaware of their privilege, such as their family owning a car and living in a two-story house.

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I think it all just depends on the situation you're in. Where I live, money isn't a big issue to most people. All you need is a place to live and you're set. Mind, it doesn't need to be a big, grand ole house - just big enough to live in. I'm neutral on this.

@partinobodycular So if you inherit a place to live, but can't afford food, you're set?

I live on an island surrounded by ocean. People just go fishing for food or go to taro patches for carbs and whatnot. Plus, I come from a place where practically EVERYONE is related to each other, one way or another. You can virtually go to any other house and ask for food. Life here is pretty uncomplicated.

Although I think most people who say this are talking about material wealth. Of course you need money to live comfortably.

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