People should be able to have two different groups of friends without it being complicated, amirite?

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You always have those friends who hate each other, so you must cater to both of their needs and try to still be friends with them.

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how come I can't comment on your page?

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I have two groups of friends, and one of them is always saying stuff like "You like them better" and " You're ditching us". It's so annoying!

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I am the bridge between two groups. i am the only reason why both groups eat lunch in the same area. and neither group dislikes the other.

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I was in this situation a few years ago. I was friends with two groups but they both hated each other. In the end one group told me I couldn't be friends with them and the other people and I had to choose. Therefore, I told them to f-off. Real friends shouldn't make you choose like that.

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i made a post like this a long time ago -__-

@PancakeMix i made a post like this a long time ago -__-

Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't think they were that closely related that it was considered reposting. Sorry, I didn't mean to!

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