It's dumb that the poor accuse the middle and upper classes of being greedy - when the poor are the ones taking government handouts and services on other people's (tax) money, amirite?

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The people that take that money (at least the good people that do) need it to survive and feed their families. That's definitely not greedy.

If you're talking about people on welfare who don't work because they don't want to, then okay. But you're a complete asshole for saying "the poor", generalizing all poor people as taking govt. handouts and services. First of all, services include things like free school lunch, which are given to kids like me, whose parents make around $25,000 a year in total. Am I being greedy for eating free school lunch, since I can't afford to purchase it? Am I living off the money of the middle/upper classes for doing so? Contrary to your ignorant beliefs, the majority of poor people are just blue-collar workers trying to give a decent life for their families. Most work far beyond the 40-hour work period for manual labor. Most of those people using food stamps are doing so due to injury at their worksite which prevents them from working, especially if they work odd jobs. Oh yeah, how dare they buy food for their families! I hope you never have to be in these shoes, because you'll truly feel like shit when you see how people try to make you feel for being poor.

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Damn poor people trying to scrape by

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Depends on your definition of poor and living off of other people's tax money.

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My friend's mum has four children, who's husband died. So she has to raise them on her own, she has a job in a shop. She would have more money and more time to look after the children if she was on benefits but she refuses to do so- she suffers from depression, she is a month behind on rent and everything in their house is broken or old, my friend gives most of her money from her TWO jobs to her mum and sisters. There is hundreds other families like her in my city and I would not condemn her or anyone else for accepting benefits. Company tax evasion costs the government 17.5 billion pounds, and the poor are greedy? Can't honestly believe this post has more positive than negative votes. Go and read the Daily Mail some more, dicks.

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I don't really know any poor people that blame the middle class. The only people I think are greedy are the super rich and corporations who try to dodge taxes even though they make billions of dollars a year.

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the Wall Street corporations have been taking trillion dollar handouts from other people's tax dollars, and in addition, the United States is involved in many military operations that kill hundreds of thousands of innocent people, and this is paid for with our tax dollars.

They probably work harder than you do.

Yes, if they're mooching of welfare and not bothering to find work. No, if they are poor because of circumstance and not laziness, and have serious ambitions for them or their children to become independent as soon as possible.

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Based on a trial it costs more money than it saves and can you imagine how many false positives would come up?

im poor as Fuck, but i don't take handouts.

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