Dogs seem to be more human than people. A dog will be your friend no matter if you're black, white, red, brown, yellow, gay, straight, lesbian, bisexual, cripple, blind, deaf, mentally handicapped, tall, short, fat or thin. A dog simply doesn't care, amirite?

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Well that just means that humans are douchebags and dogs are not

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Dogs also eat their puppies if they die...

Which is why I like dogs more than humans, I don't get judged by dogs at all.

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@Linds ha i agree, i like all animals more than i like humans

most of the people i meet are douchebags to me, cause im socially awkward. dogs arent like that, which is why theyre amazing.

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@Big_Boss most of the people i meet are douchebags to me, cause im socially awkward. dogs arent like that, which is why...

I think most people are douchebags in general, they dont care about anything important. Dogs are genuine, they wont pretend to like you and then talk behind your back. My cat actually is the one who stays with me when im upset or sick, shes strangly intuitive.

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amen previous anon

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i just discovered, after 10-15 years of friendship, that my "friends" are not even CLOSE to a dog. after i've been away, traveling, coming back home twice a year, they dont even care no more we grew up together. this world is fucked up, i wish i wasn't born...(PS im not emo, im a married woman, and i just cant see quallity people no more)

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I've seen dogs hate men, or hate women, or hate black people, or hate white people, hate children, hate elderly people, hate people with crutches, hate people with wheelchairs, hate people on motorcycles, hate people on skateboards. Dogs are mostly loyal to the hand that feeds them and provides attention and affection. I've not had a dog dislike me yet, but very much so to other people. I'm not even more of a "dog person" than a "cat person", so I don't understand why dogs actually like me so much. No matter the animal, I always like to get on the ground and play as they do-that tends to help with the more skittish ones.

That makes them less human.

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My dog would never be friends with someone sick-minded. My dog is traditional. He likes only those who are kind-hearted, and original. He agrees with the fact that God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. Him himself is married..to a FEMALE!

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