Why do interactive movies advertise themselves as being 4D? The fourth dimension is time. All movies are 4D. amirite?

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No... it's different for movies, because even if the film is in "3d", it doesn't really have physical interactivity. So 4d in films just means that the film you're watching, will depend on the theater you're at

4D brings a more interactive engagement for the audience. I heard that in Spy Kids 4D, the theaters would release a scent so people would smell how it did in the movie

It really helps move the story along

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Well, it depends. The fourth dimension could be considered time, but I usually hear it when speaking of a tesseract, a 4D cube.

4d is like when the seats move or scents or sprays come out

The 4th D is not time.

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@Lettuce The 4th D is not time.

My analogy for 4d is that if you have a 2d shape where a circle is inside of a ring, it can't get out. If this were to be brought into the third dimension, it could get out (because it's a ball inside of a ring) If you were to have a ball inside of a larger hollow ball in 3d, it couldn't get out. But if you brought it into the fourth dimension, it could move in that new direction now to get out of the "4d ring"

Then wouldn't everything be 4d? No, it's not time.... unless... you're talking about tesseracts.

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