Christians: You haven't read the entire Bible cover to cover, amirite?

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Don't remember what it's from but this quote is one of my favorites.
"Christianity. Histories longest book club, that has yet to finish the one book they're reading."

Props to the No Wayers y smilie

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I have (twice), but the old testiment is so brutally boring. I know most Christians have read the new testiment.. Atleast I would hope so.

I'm an Atheist, but prior to having the internet/becoming an Atheist I read the bible. I didn't have much to do . . .

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Yea but they're not THAT long that you go through, for examples sake, 18 years without finishing. I'm reading the Qur'an and I've been reading 1 chapter a day, which takes about 20 minutes in English, for Ramadan. There's 30 chapters so I should be done soon. Now that's reading just the Qur'an itself.

You cycle through the whole thing in Church every four years

@swimlax You cycle through the whole thing in Church every four years

I think the post meant that you personally read the Bible cover to cover, not learn about it.

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@swimlax You cycle through the whole thing in Church every four years

Well I read it in Church, I don't see a difference

@swimlax You cycle through the whole thing in Church every four years

Most churches don't touch the majority of the Old Testament.

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I'm working on it now! I read and study daily!

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I'm an atheist and I have... op. Weird to think that I have when a lot of people who follow the religion haven't.

My New Year Resolution was to read the entire bible this year following one of those plans where I read about 3 chapters a day. I've been keeping up with it so I'm about halfway done. I can't wait to start the new testament though because the old testament is pretty boring

Marys avatar Mary Yeah You Are +2Reply

I've read a lot of it, but definitely not the whole thing. I'd say about half.

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If you're a Christian and haven't read the whole Bible, you have no say in converting others. I'm sick of Christians trying to push me into Christianity when they don't even know all about their own religion.

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