It seems like people always find the age group younger then them annoying, like 25 year olds seem to hate 16 year olds and 16 year olds hate 12 year olds and 12 year olds hate 8 year olds, amirite?

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Because they see how stupidly they acted when they were that age.

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maybes its morel ike 25 yr olds have 17 year olds (and younger)
18 yr olds hates 16 and younger
17, 16, 15 14-10 yr olds hate anyone younger then them

i think once yu reach above 20 you jsut hate anyone whos under 20 lol

Its probably cause during those years (12-16 at least) teenagers go trough a phase were they constantly want to prove how mature they are, even as I write right now I'm thinking of myself as mature for saying this...., but not really (weird sensation), 25 year olds (just young adults in general) are largely annoyed at 16 year olds (more in the region of 16-19) as they are still trying to experience everything they can before they become too old, that age group is annoyed at the 12-15 group who are still in the awkward stage of the teenage years, and this age group (particularly 12 and 13 and only a select few 14 and 15) like to think themselves to mature for anything childish, but the 8 year old watching some cartoon all happy is much more mature then a 13 year old on his 360 or something screaming like a maniac into a mic.

Long comment is way to stupid and looooooong.

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I think it is because they once were that age group or age and they don't like the way some people handle it like when I hear 6 year old or under call something baby-ish and reject it I feel like either violently reacting, or make the kid realize that they have no reason to reject something they said they like the day before[ unless the day before was the day before their 7th birthday because some people try to act ''older'' on their birthday]

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