It's stupid when someone's last name is a combination of their dad's last name and their mom's last name, but their parents had the same last name in the first place so their last name is like "Smith-Smith" or "Lopez-Lopez," amirite?

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I never met a person or heard of a person with a last name like that, but I will take your word for it.

If you say my last name twice, it sounds like an army rank, so it's not that bad y smilie

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Have you heard of President Franklin D Roosevelt? His wife's maiden name was Eleanor Roosevelt. They were 5th cousins.
And in the post, the OP put Smith and Lopez, both really common names. I'm sure there are two Smiths who were not previously related who got married.

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Who marries someone with the same last name as them? I've never known anyone who did.

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shit. people actually do this? that is ridiculous

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I know someone whose last name is Chen Chen

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