You run track, amirite?

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I hate it and I only do it for the social aspect. I'll probably do it in high school too because the school I want to go to has a three sports per year requirement.

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@ispeakparseltongue Wait, meaning you HAVE to do three sports a year in order to graduate?! I'm confused.

You have to play one sport each trimester (freshman and sophomore year), but each year instead of doing a sport for one season you can take physical education (organized sports three times a week). In junior the number of sports you have to play is reduced to two, and when you're a senior I believe it's one.

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800 and 1600

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cross country

100, 200, 300, and 400m
I run in a league, so its pretty intense.

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200 &400 Baby!!(:

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100, 100hurdles, 200, 300hurdles, 400, 4x400, pole vault... It's hard to decide which 4 I want to do each meet.

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800 & 1600 & 3200

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100m, 200m, 400m. 4x400, and cross country =D

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