Apparently if you walk outside at night with someone else, you become kidnap-proof, amirite?

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What if there's more than one kidnapper?

silvershadow6s avatar silvershadow6 Yeah You Are +2Reply

What if there's an after-school kidnapping club?

majorsasquatchs avatar majorsasquatch Yeah You Are +1Reply

Also, kidnappers usually targets people who are alone.

No... You just become kidnap resistant. There's a big difference between proof and resistant, as swiss watch makers will happily tell you and charge you $1000 for.

or they will kill one and kidnap the other, or just kidnap both.

According to parents' "logic", yes. I don't try to understand it.

lexaluffs avatar lexaluff Yeah You Are 0Reply
@lexaluff According to parents' "logic", yes. I don't try to understand it.

More of my parents' logic: "If you sleep over at someone else's house, you're sure to be violated/murdered. Either one of the family members is a rapist, or someone will break in during the night and kill you all."

AwkwardMoments1s avatar AwkwardMoments1 Yeah You Are +4Reply

only if you can run faster

justsupers avatar justsuper Yeah You Are -1Reply
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