Out of all the TV theme songs, the Big Bang Theory is probably the most creative, amirite?

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although the big bang theorys theme is great, the fresh prince of bel air's theme song is probbably my favourite

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Barenaked Ladies <3

SpearmintMilks avatar SpearmintMilk Yeah You Are +5Reply
@SpearmintMilk Barenaked Ladies <3

A history of everything and if I had $1000000 are my favorite of their songs. :)

New episode in 17 minutes!

GypsyJoness avatar GypsyJones Yeah You Are +3Reply

No way! Glee! (just kidding btw)

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Math, science, history, unravelling the mystery, it all started with a big bang!

And yeah, it's between that and Fresh Prince :D

Jennohs avatar Jennoh No Way +3Reply

And the weeds theme is the wierdest.

head desk this show is following me D:D:

oh my god! i watching it right now! it's so amazing!!! XD

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Maths, science, history
Unravelling the mystery
It all started with the big bang
HEY !!!!
I love that show !!!!!

FreakinDenials avatar FreakinDenial Yeah You Are 0Reply

I have that memorized and I sing it in a round with my friends!

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