It's hilarious on every commercial showing a crazy stunt it says on the bottom "do not attempt", "Whew! Thanks commercial! You basically saved my life, I was just about to ride a motorcycle off a cliff with an umbrella as a parachute!", amirite?

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It's even funnier when they show the "precise handling" on car commercials and at the bottom it says "Professional driver on closed course. Do not attempt." Really? Darn, because I was going to go wait for a rainy day, drive out to the nearest desert, set up a slalom course with cones and drive my car through it.

Haha, they don't do it for your sake! They just don't want to get sued the next time a moron claims the commercial made him brake that arm.

Actually, you would be surprise how many people would do those things at home

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It is required to do it, dumbass

@LAKERSoverHEAT It is required to do it, dumbass

I know it's required to do it. I'm just making a point, dumbass.

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