It is really hard seeing someone one day, and then the next day they have a freak accident and die, amirite?

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That just happened yesterday. She was walking to school and she got hit by a car and she's brain dead now. I saw her just the afternoon before and now she's gone.

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awww :,(

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A friend of mine got killed from being hit by a car late one night. I saw him earlier that night, but at that time he was mad at me for something.

He was also in love with me.

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my brothers best friend and him had plans to go see a movie one night but the night before his friend crashed into a tree and was killed. it was terrible

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This just happened at my school. It was just a normal Friday, seeing her be her normal self, smiling and laughing with everyone, and that night she was killed in a drive-by shooting. It's not fair.

i have a friend from school and the day before her accident i told her that her hair looked especially beautiful the next day she and her boyfriend were riding fourwheelers and she was not wearing a helmet to save her life they had to shave her head this seems small compared to the fact that she still cant walk or talk 6 months later but it still broke my heart):

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