Nothing's more exciting to a classic rock junkie than hearing one of your favorite songs at a school dance, amirite?

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Or anyone really who likes a different genre than all this pop shit.

matt1337cs avatar matt1337c Yeah You Are +6Reply

I heard good times bad times during the school bulletin. It was awesome.

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By classic rock junkie... Would that be like Journey and Kansas?

It sucks that never happens though 8( and even so, it's always "Don't Stop Believing" or "Rock and Roll All Night" or "We're Not Gonna Take it"

littletanks avatar littletank Yeah You Are 0Reply

Unfortunately, my favorite band will never be heard at school dances again.

eldoritos avatar eldorito Yeah You Are 0Reply

...or to anyone else

they used to play stuff like acdc, twisted sister, motley crue, blue oyster cult, boston, pink floyd, van halen, and ratt( yeah some of those arent classic but yeah). at the headbangers ball in october: metallica, megadeth, judas priest, iron maiden, and sometimes Rush. they stop diong that this year and now its a bunch of pop bull shit.

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