You love hearing stories about people with demented childhoods, amirite?

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Here's one, I had a really sad childhood:
When I was little my parents had a huge window in their room. I used to have nightmares of a boy who would jump out of it. I'd always wake up right when he jumped. Then my mom had my brother and around when he was 2, I realized he was the boy from my dream, weirdly enough we moved to the United States right before I realized it.

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LOL YES. I'm wondering how many people will show up here in the comments section talking about their screwed up childhood.

My cousin (6 years old) sneaks into the tool shed at night to get screwdrivers and hammers and he goes into his older sister's room and tries to murder her in her sleep. And his dad got in trouble the other week for killing a deer, skinning it, and placing the brain of it on top of his neighbour's trash can. o.o

My dad used to throw kittens in the dog pen and watch them get mauled. He was 3 at this time.

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