One of the most overlooked double standards: If a girl makes fun of a guy cause he has a small dick, it's perfectly okay, and if he gets upset about it, he's pathetic. If a guy makes fun of a girl because she has small boobs, he's the world's biggest jerk, and if it makes her cry, everyone will rush in to hug her, it's ridiculous, amirite?

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It's called "playing the victim." Girls love doing it.

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Yeah, we get it. Feminimism is finally dominating our world. Wooo.

However. Most of the time, you can't really tell how big a guy's dick is just by looking in that general area, and if a girl (or guy) makes a comment about it, a guy can either lie about it or make jokes about how it is they came about that knowledge.
For a girl, you can't really do anything to hide having small boobs (aside of stuffing them, if you're 12.), so it hurts a bit more to have someone point it out, especially a guy, because you can't really do anything about it or lie about it even.
Just saying.

Well I think most girls who would do that are bitches but I will agree that guys are often seen as the "bad one" in the relationship if they break up with the girl or if she breaks up with him it's his fault.

@stacilovesyou i think they're bitches too, don't get me wrong here!

Oh yeah I know I was just saying not everyone thinks that and that there is a lot more crap guys get that they shouldn't.

@jukilo It's nice to know some people care.

Ha, I think some girls need to stop complaining about their periods and how guys "have it so easy" and look at the other side for once. I think it's just as hard to be a guy as it is to be a girl in the end

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@stacilovesyou Ha, I think some girls need to stop complaining about their periods and how guys "have it so easy" and look at the...

Don't start on periods, because I guarantee you, girls will win every time on that matter.

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But there's so many double-standards that favour guys/girls, wouldn't they just kind of even out? Both sexes are equal in the fact that they're equally unequal... :P

most girls are whiny annoying bitches who love to play the victim. those kind of girls annoy the crap out of me. they give girls a bad name. but i am going to say having small boobs is not something you can hide like having a small dick.

The only problem with that is having a small dick ruins sex because you can't feel a dick that's too small. Small boobs arent really a necessary part of sex so ehhh.

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