In Texas: A car crashes, many people try to help the person to make sure they're okay. In California: The woman in the car is sued for damages to the street and/or sidewalk, sued for holding up traffic, emotional distress,... amirite?

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Obviously you've never been anywhere in California but LA.

They help her or they blame the accident on the goverment and homosexuals

And here in new jersey we'd just flip her off and keep driving. Or, that's what I've been told we do...

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Then the Texans go beat up a gay person and tebd to their cattle

I lived in California for 11 years, guys, it's just a joke using over generalization, settle down :D

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That's why Texas is so much better.

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Uh, maybe because someone disagrees with it? So they thumbed it down? I would think that's pretty obvious, you fuck.


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(GIANTS>RANGERS): Yea bitch did you see the game today? I bet you Giants enjoy big wet cocks because you are from San Francisco, faggit.

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