You'd rather listen to Taylor Swift sing a thousand songs about love than listen to another pop song with meaningless lyrics about clubbing, amirite?

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uhmmm no. more like i would listen to 1000 songs about clubbing rather than one pathetic song about taylor swifts love life.

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I love Taylor ;)

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That girl annoys me so much, and she can't sing live worth a damn.

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@Someone didn't see her CMA preformance...

C... as in Canada? stuff ACTUALLY happens in Canada?

One pop song ends earlier than 1000 Taylor Swift songs. She isn't really that good.....

I think I'd rather shoot myself in the head than listen to either one.

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@I think I'd rather shoot myself in the head than listen to either one.

Yup.... I swear, everyone else likes that crap... somehow.

I'd rather listen to songs about clubbing instead of Taylor Swift's annoying ass love songs that all sound the same.

Sounds like your just trying to pick the lesser evil

I'd rather listen to neither.

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"meaningless lyrics about clubbing"

not really. I mean, I don't want to listen to either, but I think the latter would be less painful to listen to.

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