You've seen a student fight a student, and on very rare occasions, a student fight a teacher. However, seeing a teacher fight a teacher would be a highlight to your life, amirite?

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The closest thing to awesome was when a bus driver attacked a disrespectful student. Well he wasn't a bus driver anymore after that.

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@Zombie Well I hope not.

Nah it's kind of sad actually. There is a desperate need of ass-kicking in my school since most of the students are little shit-heads.

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two of our band directors got into a fight. It was great!

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A student fought the principal last year.

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Our principal had an affair with the wife of our head football coach/teacher. Rumor has it Coach walked into principals office and just punched him in the face and walked out.

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seen it. it wasn't as amazing as hoped...

Yeah, but it's not that rare for students to fight teachers.

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@SylverMoon Yeah, but it's not that rare for students to fight teachers.

Really? Your school must be crazy. I think I saw a student fight a teacher once in my whole high school career.

My mom's a teacher...

Our history teachers fight all the time. Sometimes they just get into a war of tampering with eachother's rooms wich can be even funnier. (I got out of class once to help my teacher move desks out of the other's room while he was on his lunch break.)

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Ahhh That would be awesome .

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I've seen my english teacher slap my spanish teacher in front of the whole class. My spanish just glared and gave my english a kiss. Odd exchange...

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