We can put a man on the moon, but there is still only one disgusting flavor of cough syrup? I mean really? amirite?

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Uhh...there's the vicks nasty flavor...grape...cherry...honey meade...looks like you haven't been sick lately

sure, they've got different flavors of cough syrup...but yet, they still all taste disgusting! D:

Actually, there's flavor cough syrup now. Just saying.....

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This is a repeat of my post


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I hate cherry flavored.

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They do it so you don't drink it all and OD.

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There are different flavors, but they all have the same underlying flavor that identifies them as cough syrup.

I use children's cough syrup because it tastes better

In Japan cough syrup tastes like dr. pepper

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@In Japan cough syrup tastes like dr. pepper

Wtf, really? I gotta get me some of dat!

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bubble gum flavor is the worst

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at places like cvs they will flavor your medicine for you...

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maybe you should talk to your pharmacist.

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And there a quite a few flavors?
Silly boy.

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i have a cough at the stuff im talking for it now is NASTY!!!

I enjoy the taste of cough syrup...

I have seen mostly cherry but others do exist. I some orange. Tip hold your breat while you swallow the syrup then drink water.

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