Can switching to Geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? ... Are you reading this in the announcer's voice? amirite?

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"hey you woodchucks! Quit chucking mah wood!"

@DontJudge lol. that one's my favorite.

Same. And the bird in the hand one.

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@DontJudge lol. that one's my favorite.

I also like the bird in the hand one. (:

Wheeeeeee! Wheeeeeee! Max. Wheeeeeeeeee! Max! Wheeeeeee MAXWELL!! yes. We're home.

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@Kate that's my favorite one

"... And that's why yellow makes me sad, I think" "You know what makes me sad? You do! Why don't we just chug on over to mamby pamby land, where maybe we can find some self confinence you Jack-waggin! Tissue?" throws tissure box

Those commercials are rather clever. Too bad they don't actually compel me to get their insurance.

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I say that diwector is starting to wub me the wong way!

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Omg I totally was reading it with that dudes voice!!!

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I started reading it, realized it was from the Geico commercial about halfway through the first part, and reread it in the announcer's voice.

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I actually did :)

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Sorry, I copied your post on accident. I didnt check to see if it was already posted :(

You caught me. =x

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I would say conservatively, it's worth around two in the bush. "Reeaaallllyyyyy?" haha

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