Why don't mexicans cross the border in 3's? Because it says no trespassing! amirite?

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hahaha the category is mobile

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Lkuns avatar Lkun Yeah You Are +3Reply

That's my joke!!!! Lol but I love it.

like we care.

inb4 accusations of racism.

I didn't get it at first but that's really clever. Great post!

LunarEclipses avatar LunarEclipse Yeah You Are 0Reply

Aha this took me a while to get. I was about vote down, then I was like, ROFLOLMAO. Maybe not really...

JghRockss avatar JghRocks Yeah You Are -1Reply

Took me a second to get it XD

Jelly_times avatar Jelly_time Yeah You Are -1Reply

I am from El Salvador and I didn't get this for a while... well played sir.

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that is so fucking corny. xD

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I don't get it

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