Sometimes, there are just certain movies that are so good, that a sequel would ruin it, amirite?

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Mean Girls.

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@accioglasses Mean Girls.

To be completely honest, that post was where I got the idea for this one! Haha.

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@accioglasses Mean Girls.

I was literally just about to say that!

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Avatar 2 and 3 are gonna kill it they shoulda just left it how it was

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@Stwentytwo Inception

That's what I was gonna say...

And yet they go ahead and make one anyway.

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hopefully the Hangover won't fall prey to this

They ruined Dirty Dancing by making a Dirty Dancing 2.

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Grease 2 was fail and a disgrace to the first one.
And The Hangover 2 can in no way compare to the first one, I don't know why they're even trying.

(Cough) Transformers (cough)

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This comment was deleted by its author.

I agree. Shrek 2 had some amazing musical scenes! It was better than the first. :P

Pocahontas... the sequel to that was awful!!!

Fight Club

yeah shrek 2 was by far my favorite

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