I don't care if you can read novels on Kindles and iPads and what not. Physical copies will always reign supreme in my book, amirite?

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In my book. Haha I get it. It's a pun.
And yes, the idea of an electronic reader replacing a physical book is terrifying.

ShadowCrystals avatar ShadowCrystal Yeah You Are +4Reply

True. BUT there are advantages of having an electronic book reader. Like, I can read in the dark cause it has it's own light.

WoahElles avatar WoahElle Yeah You Are +3Reply

Physical copies will always be better. You can't get lost in electronics.

Stuffs avatar Stuff Yeah You Are +3Reply

Exactly. The idea of having an electronic library frightens me.

Anonymous +2Reply

I have a kindle and I buy paperback.
Paperback is SO much better.

Anonymous +2Reply

I have a Sony Reader, but I barely use it. All the books I want to read aren't available for a download...

Very punny.

SpearmintMilks avatar SpearmintMilk Yeah You Are +1Reply

Especially by candlelight! Because I can haha 8)

littletanks avatar littletank Yeah You Are +1Reply

in my Kindle*


Couldn't agree more.

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