Anthony's penis is just like the Eiffel tower, we always need pictures as proof that someone went there and if one day we do manage to get there its awesome. amirite?

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Anthony has a 90000 mile long penis. He can have sex with any girl anywhere from his computer desk. Ever trip over something and look but nothing was there? Thats anthonys penis looking for his next mate. Its the second biggest in the world, the first belongs to chuck norris

sara24 hasnt released them yet...

No he doesnt. Chuck norris would be pissed if he didnt get fucked. So pissed in fact that he would roundhouse kick the sun.

I'm 12 and what is this?

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@Roy I'm 12 and what is this?

its a meme o_O why did this get thumbed down?

so, you can see anthony's penis through a window in every french movie?


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Can I see a knock-off of Anthony's penis in Vegas?

two other things in common: americans should stay away from them AND they're both strong as steel

@Here's a clue; 9/11.

Okay......what does that have to do with the Eiffel Tower?
I've been there, and it wasn't a problem.

And by the way, you improperly used a semicolon in your post.
It should have been a colon haha.

it isn't hard to go to the eiffel tower- hundreds of people go there every day

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Not to mention how BIG it is...

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...what the HELL is this?

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