When you pick up a hand full of sand and realize how many grains of sand you are holding in just your hand, it's hard to imagine how many grains of sand there are in the whole world, and its even crazier that there are more stars than that number, amirite?

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This was totally inspired by my post

@DestroyMySweater This was totally inspired by my post

http://www.amirite.net/409939 But if you were talking about the blades of grass one, then no, I've never seen that before till I just looked through your posts trying to figure out what you were talking about. And theres definitely more sand than grass =D

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That's deep, man.

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Stop fucking with my head!! >_<

Just got back from camping in the desert in Egypt- sleeping on the sand right under the stars. So yes, totally agree with you!

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