There are few things better than sitting outside on a windy cold day, and thinking. The peacefulness allowing you to view your life from different perspectives. The trees whispering about you, looking up at them. Looking at the sky, when the sun hides behind thick heavy clouds. If I chose weather, it would be this weather everyday, amirite?

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Cool story bro.

That would disrupt the area's climate, though...

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its so much better when its baking hot and you can walk around in the sunshine in just a singlet and shorts.

cold and windy days are terrible.

All I know is that EYE wouldn't want trees whispering about me. Trees make for awfully nasty gossips

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I prefer quite the opposite: A light rain on a still warm night. But it has a similar peacefulness that allows you to think in that same way.

i totally agree...i love that type of weather...and your description of it was really good...you should be a writer=D

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