Dream big or don't dream at all, amirite?

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im getting a little tired of these "inspirational" quotes :/

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No... Don't try and do something big just because you feel you have to. Find what makes you happy--and if that happens to be this giant, fantastic dream that will take your entire life to realize, don't shy away just because it's hard.

This made me giggle because it was so cheesy.

Or dream realistically.

@Faithful Or dream realistically.

I want a pepper...I wish I had a pepper...


lolwut smilie <-- Oh hey! Look! A pepper!

@disenchanted I want a pepper...I wish I had a pepper... (poof!) <-- Oh hey! Look! A pepper!

It's actually a pear with a mouth. I first thought it was a Lima bean, though.

why set yourself up for dissapointment. the key to acheiving your goals is to set realistic goals.

I'm not saying it will happen.

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