Jesus never read the bible and he turned out fine, amirite?

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Well except that he was nailed to a cross...

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He read the old testament because he was a super-committed Jew. And it would be impossible for him to read the new testament because it's about him...

He still read the Old Testament.

Jesus WAS the bible. Seriously,man!

Considering He is THE reason for the Bible.

INB4 Scrantoncity

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yeah, as if the Bible is actually the standard for morality, right?


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No, he read the Old Testament and Scriptures he even qoutes a few in the Book of Mark in the New Testament.

My goodness, people cannot take a joke around here. It was supposed to be funny.

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well he was the son of god so duh he didnt it was about him, and he read the OT, so shhhhh

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hahahahahaha Does nobody else find this hilarious?

This is the stupidest post I've seen. He read the OT and the whole new testament was written after he had been killed.

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This is stupid, and not true. He taught and debated about the Torah, which is the old testament.

that's because he lived it, he lived the bible. but seriously the bible is fucking stupid and so is any person that vehemently adheres to its bullshit

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